Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Best Bed in the World

If you want to sleep comfortable please try this  bed.
 Have  wonderful dreams.

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  1. Mabul, what a dramatic change in your blog! I'm impressed with all the really hard work you have put into this. In general, it's really great and gives you a strong platform on which to write and discuss ideas. Two thoughts:

    1. Now you need to settle down and define what your blog is going to be about. From a technical perspective, it can be about anything, but you want to focus on something more specific.

    2. Don't be afraid of writing! We want a nice mix of tex and images. I have a fear that I scared you with my comment about editing your English. Don't be afraid of making mistakes; just make them and get them out there.

    I'm really happy with the dramatic changes you have made!