Thursday, October 4, 2012


Angel a blind very organized and clean young man, has to move to live with his twin brother Infierno in a tiny apartment near Los Angeles.  Complications arise when Angel starts having accidents when trying to find his personal things in the messy apartment disorganized by infierno.  In spite of talking to Infierno about his need to maintain an organized and cleaned space for Angel’s safety, Infieno doesn’t care and he continues to behave as usual instead of helping his brother Angel to feel welcome and, most important, and safe in a space that is unfamiliar for him.

 On the first day Infierno talks to Angel and tells him that he is not willing to take responsibility for his twin because he has a myriad of things to do.  In addition to that Infierno tells Angel that on weekends his girlfriend Cruela comes to visit him and they don’t like to be disturbed by anybody else including Angel.  At first Angel is mad and sad, but he accepts the conditions to stay away from Infieno and Cruela because he needs a place to stay.
Angel in the shared bedroom, starts creating a map in his mind about the space where he lives now.  He is in shocked when he realizes that he is just in a place where everything is messy and impossible to create a map in his mind.  His self-esteem and confidence begin to disappear.  In his head he has messy images of the bedroom, but his brain does not process the information clearly for him.  Angel starts crying as a result of being unable to create a safe environment where he can to stay for a long time.  When Angel opens the bedroom door because he wants to breathe fresh air, Angel hears Cruela and Infierno getting closer to the bedroom to star The weekend party.

Angel focuses on his goal of creating a map of the space which is the most important thing he needs to do in order to be able to move confidently in his own environment.  He seems like he is almost ready to start moving in the space with the map already in his mind.  In addition to that, he starts putting his personal things in the bedroom, where everything must stay in order to be able to create a visual map in his brain and create a safe environment for himself.   

Angel is ready to take a little rest and he decides to sleep for just a couples hours, but while he is sleeping Infierno and Cruela enter the bedroom to have a heavy party.  A few days later, Angel wakes up in the hospital because of cutting his left leg and arm. Mark, the doctor, tells him that he must stay there for a couple of days because he needs a safe place if he wants to live.         

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