Thursday, October 4, 2012

International Students Learning English

1. Do you know how many international Students are learning English this Fall 2012 at California State university Los Angeles?

2. Do you know how many international Students  from China are learning English at California State University?

 3. Do you know how many International Students from India, Ecuador or Italy are still learning English  at California State University?

4. How many languages Do you Speak ?

5. Why do you need to learn another language? 

6. Do you have know somebody who speaks more that English?



  1. Good start, Mabul! Now go out and answer some of your questions. You should, for example, contact CSULAs department of Institutional Research (ADM 702; X3-2730 and the International Student Admissions office at SA 101; X3-3901. Get us some statistics too.

    Small point: is there any reason why you are using such large text in your blog? Visually, a smaller point size would give you a cleaner, less cluttered look.

    Keep writing! This is a great place to work out those ideas.

  2. It is a very interesting topic. I would like to know how many students from each country are leraning English as a second language in order to be accepted at the University level