Monday, October 22, 2012

College of Extended Studies and International Programs

Welcome to the English Language Program at California State University, Los Angeles

The English Language Program:

The mission of the English Language Program (ELP) is to develop the English language skills of students whose native language is not English and to prepare them for entrance and success at the college and university level. 

The ELP accomplishes this by providing affordable instruction in a non-credit, intensive, multi-skills academic program specifically designed to prepare students to succeed in the English-medium, college or university credit classroom.

 English Language Program   
  • Six levels of English language courses, beginning through advanced
  • Coverage of Grammar and Writing; Reading; Listening and Speaking
  • Full-time, 20 classroom hours per week
  • Includes College Success and Preparation for the TOEFL exam

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    Keep writing; you are doing well! Also, don't forget your 'silly' less serious stories too. We loved the cats.