Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Mabul Marulanda MontoyaI am Colombian Director-writer, producer, executive producer, actor and model.  I was Born and raise in Medellin, I began performing in school, demonstrating my acting and directing abilities with drama, comedy and mystery.  I am a native Spanish speaker and also I speak fluent English.  I have been working in the modeling and  acting industry for several years, beginning with performances  television  in commercials and modeling for both print and runway photography for several agencies in Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and the United States.
In 2000, I was nominated “Best New Model” by Shock Magazine in Bogota, Colombia. 

In the same year, I began acting on a popular Colombian television series called Betty la FeaDuring the same period, I gained my first role as a regular on the television soap opera El Caballero de Rauzan.  Furthermore, in 2000 I signed exclusive contracts both with La Feria International del Libro and with Pure White, a French spirits company.  I am also known for my roles and modeling work with international brands such as Coca Cola, Marlboro, Lee Jeans, McDonald's, and Dallas Voice Magazine.  Mabul's website

In 2001, I played a prominent role in the successful television series Padres e Hijos, in which I  portrayed a psychologically tormented young man.  Later, in 2003, I gained a role as a regular cast member in Ama la Academia, another highly popular Colombian series.  During 2010, I played the role of Maugrim in a local theater production of the Chronicles of Narnia in Dallas, Texas.

Most recently, I am directing, producing and acting in a web-series "Something is Wrong" a   SAG web-series still in post production in the United States.



  1. Mabul! I checked out a clip from Betty La Fea, very impressive! I thought I was going to recognize you but then I realized that the one my mom and I used to watch was called Letty La Fea. Anyway, congrats on your nomination for Best New Model :)

  2. damn dude you are fucking practically famous